January 1, 2010 | Italian

2010: The Year of the Homework

I set the tone for 2010, studying for hours.

I was originally supposed to switch to Korean today, but I couldn’t. Italian is too wonderful. So, one more month of Italian, then on to Korean.

Some Guests at Our New Year's Eve Party

Brandt and I had a New Year’s Eve party last night. It was great, if I do say so myself. And as it turned out, there were quite a few Italians there! I did not find all that many opportunities to practice, as I was busy pouring champagne and replenishing supplies, but I did manage to squeeze in a little conversation with a patient Italian instructor from Princeton, as well as with a couple of other people.

Brandt and I stayed up very late afterwards to do a basic cleaning, so I was pooped when I woke up today to confront the bleak reality that considerably more advanced cleanup was called for. I was not inspired.

Lucky for me, Brandt was. He cleaned while I spent hours on the living room sofa studying Italian. It was a marvelous arrangement for me, and totally inequitable. I really, really, really love my husband. Thank you, honey!

We went over to a friend’s house for dinner and stayed, without realizing how late it was, until after midnight. Even so, I managed to squeeze in another hour and a half of studying before going to bed, bringing my total study time for the day to about six hours. It was a great day, and a great way to start off the new year.

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