February 9, 2010 | Korean

A Pimsleur Walk in Central Park

It's cold, but there are signs that spring is near(er).

Today the two main venues for my Korean studies were (1) Café Margot, where I practiced my writing skills, and (2) Central Park, where I went for a walk as I did lessons 7, 8, 9, and 10 of Pimsleur (Level I).

As usual, I did much better on Pimsleur while walking than I do if I am just sitting around. It is the first time in months I have done a Pimsleur walk, but I could immediately see a difference in the quality of my responses.

I brought my camera with me and took pictures of buds and shoots and anything else that seemed to be a sign that spring was approaching. Maybe this was a little premature, since tomorrow we are scheduled to have a blizzard, but there were definite signs of growth and green and regeneration out there.

Buds on a Central Park Tree

More Buds on More Trees

See the Fuzzy Stuff?

Something, Emerging from the Earth...

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