November 7, 2009 | Italian

A Record Rolling “R”

I achieve a new personal record for r-rolling.

I got a reasonable night’s sleep last night. What a relief. Being totally obsessive about this Italian stuff is exhausting.

Today when I woke up, I started in on Part 3 of Italian Now! This section promises to teach me about “Interacting with People.”

Italian Television

The Italian word dunque, meaning “so” or “therefore,” and pronounced DOON kway, is like donc in French. So much in Italian is like French, even more is like Spanish, and tons is conveniently like English. Way more than I expected of all three.

My days are filled with multimedia activities. Grammar books, flashcards, VocabuLearn on my runs and in the shower, Pimsleur, and Italian television. I watched some of the Italian version of the program X Factor, which I have heard of, vaguely, and which appears to be a pop-singing competition in the vein of American Idol. The three singers I saw were quite bad. But it was an amusing experience nonetheless. I enjoy the programs on this station so much more than I enjoyed the content on the (apparently lower-budget) Russian and Arabic stations.

My biggest achievement of the day: I did a super-long rolling r. It smashed my previous personal record for rolling r’s.

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