November 30, 2009 | Italian

A VocabuLearn Day

My hours are filled with VocabuLearn and flashcards.

It was a romantic gray day today, and I felt happy because I love this project so much. I got close to seven hours sleep last night, too, and enough sleep is a great mood enhancer.

At the office, I chatted a bit via Facebook with the older of my Italian nephews, Charlie, first in Italian and then in English. He answered a bunch of questions for me about syllable stress. He is such a sweetie.

My Wee VocabuLearn-Laden Shuffle

I dedicated myself this afternoon to getting more VocabuLearn onto my iPod Shuffle so that I can study more words while I run. (I have been listening to the same tracks over and over, and I’m getting sick of them.) Unfortunately, I ran out of room. I need to get a new Shuffle! I don’t want a full iPod because by my running standards, those are too big. My Shuffle is really, really small and lightweight, plus it clips easily to my clothes.

I spent a lot of time today making flashcards. So much so that I ran out of them. At 9:30 p.m., I ventured out in the cold to get more boxes of blank SparkNotes flashcards at the 82nd Street Barnes & Noble. As I walked there and back, I redid old Pimsleur lessons. And when I got home, I made a bunch more flashcards. Then I did more Pimsleur while washing dishes and cleaning.

I am getting pretty good at this multitasking. At least in Italian. Korean probably won’t go quite so well.

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Kazumi Kawasaki • Posted on Thu, December 29, 2011 - 9:42 pm EST

Hello, Japanese reader here, I love your blog, it’s simply amazing.

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