December 1, 2009 | Italian

Another VocabuLearn Day

More vocabulary. And more. And more.

Today I kept working on making my VocabuLearn flashcards. Besides learning all three levels available for Italian, I want to consider how the VocabuLearn product could be better. At around $20 per level, it’s a good deal, but there are two problems.

First, the words play in the same order every time. It gets boring and is not ideal from the point of view of learning efficacy. I tend to learn the words early in the recording really well and the later ones not at all. I would love to see the word list become random.

Second issue: I think it would be an amazing product if it were combined with ready-made flashcards. Then the learning experience would be very powerful. It is difficult to learn so many words just by hearing them, and it is also difficult to learn them just by reading them. Both formats are helpful, and they are also complementary.

My sister’s choir, The Collegiate Chorale, performed at Carnegie Hall tonight. It was great, and there was to my delight some Italian in the program!

Italian is everywhere in New York.

When I got home, I returned compulsively to my VocabuLearn flashcard making. I kept going until 2:30 a.m., but I’m still only partway through Level 2. Tomorrow I need to start memorizing the cards I have made. This is taking way longer than I expected and is getting kind of silly. I am spending my days making flashcards instead of studying.

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