August 27, 2009 | Russian

Arabic on My Mind

My Arabic plans are distracting me.

I did Pimsleur 30 (Level III) today! It’s the very last of the Russian lessons. Though I need to redo it.

I am getting distracted from Russian by my next language. From bed in our Maine vacation rental, and in the wee-est of morning hours, I just ordered an Arabic dictionary and an Arabic grammar book, the latter from the same McGraw-Hill Teach Yourself series I used this time. Both were considerably more expensive than my current dictionary and McGraw-Hill book for Russian. Alas. The total for the order was more than $60, in violation of my recession-friendly budget goals.

I feel concerned about my Russian skills. And how I will possibly have time to maintain them. I really want to throw myself 100 percent into Arabic. And if I keep worrying about Russian, that will be hard.

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