October 22, 2009 | Arabic

Audio Quality Trials and Tribulations

It is harder to learn Arabic when you can't hear it properly.

Because of poor sound quality, I am getting earaches and headaches from the Arabic III lessons I purchased from Pimsleur reseller I am pissed off.

I bought the lessons as downloadable files rather than in CD format; it’s cheaper and faster that way. That’s what I did when I purchased Level I from them, too, and those files worked out fine. Unfortunately, I had to take Advil today just to get through lessons 10 and 11.

How I Got Through Lessons 10 and 11

I have had some back and forth with the company about the sound-quality issues, but for reasons I cannot understand, they are not hearing the sound problems on their end. I have suggested they put on headphones. I don’t know how they can possibly not hear what I am hearing, but perhaps they are not listening long enough and with the degree of attentiveness that would be required hour after hour to learn a language.

It is amazing how much technology issues affect, and sometimes afflict, this project.

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