August 13, 2009 | Russian

Being Sick: Bad for Language Learning

Feeling crappy, plus vowel challenges.

When guessing at Russian spellings, I constantly write a when what I need is an o. I am thinking Americans probably do this all the time. I did it today with the first vowel in “please,” which is written пожалуйста (and pronounced pah JHOL’ sta). The fact that Russian is phonetic doesn’t mean I can figure out how to spell stuff.

I did not feel at all well today, and that got in the way of Russian progress. I still got things done, including multiple Pimsleur lessons, but it just wasn’t the same as when I feel okay. I tried a nap to see if that would make a difference. To help me go to sleep, I listened to more Pimsleur, but unfortunately, because I was actually trying to sleep this time, it didn’t work.

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