July 30, 2017 | Review Period

Cool Croatian

I still manage to use language on a daily basis! But I am distracted from my studies by the American political situation.

Tonight I walked seven miles with Pimsleur in the park, for the first time in a while. I did five and a half Croatian lessons and loved them. Fireflies, my favorite bugs of all time, floated and flitted with me.

Trying a new Slavic language when you’ve studied other ones is heavenly, because you’re like the kid in class who knows all the answers.

Bookshelf with Some of My Current Reading

Bookshelf with Some of My Current Reading

It’s like, “Me me me! I know!!!!! Call on MEEEEEEE!!!”

I have done Pimsleur lessons for several languages this year, but overall I’ve dedicated much less time than usual to my linguistic pursuits, unless you count reading compulsively, in my case about what has gone wrong with American politics. Today we have in office a president of no honor and no morality. He presides over, even delights in, the vast yawning chasm of self-indulgent ignorance between his ears. I take no pleasure in saying so. It is bad for our culture, bad for our country, and bad for the world.

The things I value language for are of zero relevance to Trump. He cares nothing for knowledge of others, knowledge of the world, knowledge of history, knowledge of ideas. He is indifferent to anything that does not come with dollar signs attached.

And I am preoccupied with that, as I think Americans should be. I believe it is dangerous. I have been getting involved with my local community, making an effort to reach out to others who are similarly concerned, and am thinking about the road that led to this, and the road that might lead away from it to a more promising future.

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