December 3, 2009 | Italian

Flashcard Anxieties Assuaged

I am reassured that my VocabuLearn flashcard project is not a huge waste of time.

I woke up after just four hours of sleep and was exhausted all day, though functional for much of it. I did some grammar, but much more vocabulary. I’m still making my VocabuLearn flashcards. Which has been causing me anxiety, because I’ve been feeling as though my VocabuLearn flashcard project was a mistake, that my learning progress stalled when I began it.

Fortunately, I realized today that I am in fact learning words as I write them on the cards. On the subway today I tested myself a little with some of the completed flashcards, and I found I was remembering words with surprising ease. So somehow the whole flashcard-making experience caresses my brain and leaves impressions there.

That is a huge relief.

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