April 27, 2013 | Mandarin

Fun with Fluenz Mandarin 3

Unexpected salaciousness in my language studies.

I have only a few days left for Mandarin, and I am trying to finish up several Chinese language-learning products by May 1, when I start Irish. It is not looking good for Fluenz, since I still have 19 lessons left of the third level.

This Photo Is Not Doctored

This Photo Is Not Doctored

Tonight I was going through a Fluenz lesson when I was asked to translate the sentence shown in the screen here. I burst out laughing.

Over at Fluenz, someone is either (a) very innocent or (b) rather dirty.

I am having technical trouble. Once I am inside Fluenz, I can’t figure out how to type lǜ yánsè de (green). I know how to type ü, and I know how to type ù, but at least from inside the Fluenz application, I can’t figure out how to get those two diacritical marks on the same darn letter.

I am on a Mac. I just searched the web and could not find a solution. Can anyone help?

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