November 21, 2010 | German

Gotta Study Extra Hard Now!

German time is winding down; I have to get busy.

This week was my last at the Goethe-Institut. Many, many thanks to everyone there for being so welcoming and helpful and accommodating! 

One of the things they gave me, besides the invaluable gift of German conversation, was a little paper verb wheel. You spin it around and the correct forms for a given verb show in openings in the top layer of paper. I like it; it reminds me of learning tools I used when I was a kid. Low-tech, yet earnest and stylish!

My Goethe-Institut Verb Wheel

My Goethe-Institut Verb Wheel

I have only nine more days for the German portion of this project. I have made good progress, but I am hoping to step it up over the Thanksgiving holiday and (re)cram a lot more German knowledge into my brain.

I have been noticing that I am still hobbled by sentence-structure challenges, specifically the way some verbs end up at the end of clauses. I forget what my verbs are by the time I am winding down my German sentences. 

Tonight I will be spending several hours on an intensive grammar review. I expect it to be productive. I am planning a lot of German conversation practice this week as well.

The next language is Japanese! I am a little scared, but trying to be brave.

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