December 25, 2009 | Italian


I experience my annual aversion to Christmas.

I am not a fan of the Christmas season. Every year I am happy when it's over and I can get on with the business of non-holiday life.

I made this particular Christmas a very Italian one. Squeezed in a lot of homework. Vocabulary in the vocabulary book. VocabuLearn on my run. Italian television during a present-wrapping session. Then more vocabulary work in the book.

Yesterday I heard from one of my students at the Arab American Association, the very dedicated one with the electronic translator, who is currently out of the country. Her e-mail began, “Hi my teacher I miss you very very very much.”

This really moved me. Today I wrote her a response, which began: “It's wonderful to hear from you—thank you for writing! I miss you, too! You definitely touched my heart.”

I’m not sure she will understand, but I hope so.

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