December 22, 2009 | Italian

Italian Grammar, Italian Job, Italian Party

Everything I do today involves Italian.

Today was super-heavy on Italian; by virtue of that, it was a great day.

It began just right: I woke up and did a couple of hours of grammar exercises with Italian television on in the background. Extremely enjoyable.

iPod Shuffle, with Blueberry for Scale

Then I went for a 3-mile run with Italian VocabuLearn on my iPod Shuffle.

Next I made my way to my “job” at the Italian company, where I spent four hours working on the translation. There was also a little Italian conversation with Luca, though not much. I continue to find the document very technical. I continue to encounter numerous terms, often tax-related, that are unfamiliar to me not only in Italian, but also in English. I continue to wonder whether they’re even going to be able to use my work. That is slightly depressing.

In the evening Brandt and I went to a party at the home of a new Italian friend, Samira, around 123rd and Lenox. There were quite a few Italians there, so I got in a lot of Italian conversation practice. Fabulous!

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