December 13, 2009 | Italian

It’s Okay to Be a Grammar Geek

How to have fun on a Saturday night.

This afternoon I devoted quite a bit of time to cleaning and errands. Things are chaotic around here, because I’ve done so much Italian in recent weeks and so little of anything else.

Me with Running Friends at Harriers Holiday Party

Tonight I went to a holiday party for my old running team, the New York Harriers. It was like stepping back in time. I haven’t run for the team or been to such an event since probably 1998.

Around midnight, although I was still having fun, I left because I was planning to run a 15K in Van Cortlandt Park the following morning. I decided to go to the N/R subway stop at 8th Street.

The train took forever to come; I had clearly made a bad choice of subways. So I was standing there in the subway station waiting for about 45 minutes, surrounded by partying college-age people. Fortunately, I had my Italian verb book to keep me company.

I felt nerdy standing around doing Italian verb exercises amid a bunch of exuberant Saturday night celebrants, but I can say with total honesty that I didn’t mind one bit.

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