October 13, 2009 | Arabic

Low-Priority Vocabulary

I learn more vocabulary I don't really need.

I did tons of Pimsleur Arabic lessons today—in the morning in Central Park on a run, and in the afternoon on a walk. Four lessons total. I am now on track to finish Level III on time. Which is a relief to my compulsive nature.

I tried 5-10 minutes of a Russian lesson while I was in the park and was once again heartened to see how much I had retained.

Our Local OTB Parlor

A healthy percentage of the Arabic lessons I did today had content about playing cards, which is yet one more thing Pimsleur covers that I don’t do.

Of course the oral practice helped with tense and other vocabulary (like “play”), but holy crap, enough with the cards. I’m never going to want to play cards, in any language.

Learning how to talk about that in Arabic is about as useful to me as OTB vocabulary would be.

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