July 12, 2010 | Greek

More Multitasking Milestones with Pimsleur

I discover even more things I can do while also doing Pimsleur.

Today got off to a great start. I never was able to get online with Rosetta Stone over the weekend, but I heard from them this afternoon, and they said I would be back in service shortly. Apparently my complimentary access had expired. I am greatly relieved to know I will soon have access again.

In the meantime, without Rosetta Stone, I continued to focus solely on Pimsleur. I took it with me on the subway en route to an acupuncture appointment, another in a series of attempts to get myself injury-free and running road races as quickly as possible.  

Back Off! New York City Subway Poster in Six Different Languages

Back Off! New York City Subway Poster in Six Different Languages

I had tried acupuncture once before, years ago, for repetitive stress from computer use. It was okay, but I don’t think that guy really knew what he was doing, and I didn’t see any reason to try again, until now.

This time, I have one main initial comment about the acupuncture experience, which is, “Ouch!!!!” It seriously hurt when the acupuncturist—who was a very lovely woman, in spite of the pain she was causing me—stuck the needles in my legs.

She stuck a few in my neck, too, but those did not bother me.

After all the needles are in place, you are supposed to hang out there like a porcupine for about 20 minutes. Before she exited the room, I asked her if she would mind putting my headset on my head so I could listen to Pimsleur while I waited.

She did not mind. She carefully maneuvered the headset onto my ears while avoiding the needles. Thus was achieved a new multitasking milestone for me: a combined acupuncture and Pimsleur session. Translating sentences such as “I have a coffee for him” and “Italy is very beautiful” took my mind off all the stuff poking out of me.

YogaToes Are Pimsleur-Compatible

YogaToes Are Pimsleur-Compatible

My one big regret of the day is that I did not think to ask her to take a picture of me doing Greek Pimsleur face-down on a table with needles stuck in my neck. 

I did, however, get a picture of my other new experiment in speedy recoveries: YogaToes.

These rubbery things are supposed to stretch your feet. I got them because someone in my yoga class told me they helped her with her own bout of plantar fasciitis.

They did in fact stretch my feet quite nicely as I did Pimsleur on our living-room sofa. And as an added benefit, the color matches the sofa cushions.

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