December 17, 2016 | Review Period

My Polyglot Conference Talk

In which I speak about product lust!

In October I took my first visit to Greece, ever, in my life.

The reason for my visit was the fourth annual Polyglot Conference, a congregation of language nerds for the purposes of language nerdery, camaraderie, and a whole bunch of presentations. 

Me Talking at the Polyglot Conference in Thessaloniki

Me Talking at the Polyglot Conference in Thessaloniki

I feel very at home in the Polyglot Conference environment. I love going to talks on language topics from around the world, I love talking to people, I love meeting people from different countries, I love hanging out with people to whom I never have to explain the whys of why I am so crazily interested in this stuff. 

I gave a talk this year on language-learning products. The title was Language Utopia! One Polyglot’s Product Fantasies. If you are interested, it has just recently gone live and I hope you will watch it!

But please be forewarned: it includes graphic pictures of naked language-learning books.

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Jim Wagner • Posted on Sun, January 22, 2017 - 8:46 pm EST

Hi Ellen!  Scandalous presentation!  Actually I thought it was great.  I was happy to see a fellow American with such a presentation at an event normally dominated by polyglot Europeans.  We Americans are widely known for our omniglot ways. However, I see hope with the younger generation.  Interesting that so many of your resources were found in the States and even surprised some people.  Good job!

Ellen Jovin • Posted on Sun, January 22, 2017 - 9:38 pm EST

Hey there, Jim! I am guessing you meant “are not widely known.” Either way, thank you very much!!

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