November 11, 2009 | Italian

On Productivity and Cute Cafés

In which I get a lot done and enjoy the cosmopolitan café culture.

Today was an extremely productive day. Here’s what I accomplished language-wise:

  1. a bunch of grammar in the Italian Now! book
  2. some VocabuLearn on a 10-mile run
  3. verb-related work in the afternoon in a second grammar book. I studied present, present perfect, imperative, and future. I feel much better now.
  4. five Pimsleur lessons. I have now finished Level II. I can’t believe it! I will be beginning Level III on just the twelfth day.

A Great Place to Study

Some of the verb work I did at a little place I have mentioned before, called Café Margot, where I had a tea.

It is an amazing little café, a hidden gem. The crowd there is very international, so you can hear many different languages.

As I was finishing my tea, a longtime resident in my building, John, showed up.

It turns out he speaks Italian, too. I had no idea. I talked to him a bit in Italian and, in my opinion, did extremely well for my eleventh day. My accent sounds pretty good, I think, and my comfort with Spanish carries over into Italian.

I just love this language.

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