December 20, 2009 | Italian

On the Mend

Being sick, but not too sick, keeps me sitting still(er) and working.

I am still sick, but on the mend. Strangely, I think being sick almost made me more productive this weekend, because I couldn’t roam around. I got so much done yesterday.

My Beloved Italian Flashcards

Then today, I woke up around 8:00 and promptly began studying. I’ve done hours and hours of grammar today, much of it in the Italian Grammar Drills book.

I also started going back through my original SparkNotes box of 1,000 Italian flashcards, because I was concerned that I might be forgetting things I had learned. And indeed I am—but not too much.

I also have to factor in that I am out of it from my cold and presumably I would do a little better if I could think straight(er).

I came home from our office feeling organized and happy.

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