December 6, 2016 | Review Period

Pimsleur Fitness Program!

I am, once again, pimsleurcising.

I’m not quite sure how this plan will go, but at present I am intending to use Pimsleur to walk my way through the winter. I want to language-learn myself back into shape!

I did it in 2009 and I can do it again.

As I have reported about five billion times, I love love love Pimsleur. It is my favorite language-learning system of all time. They have products for over 50 languages, and I have made my way through about 22. 

Or is it 23?

My Language-Learning Shelves, Albanian to Zulu

My Language Learning Shelves, Albanian to Zulu

I would have to doublecheck, but in any case there are lots left. Plus more lessons have been made for Mandarin and Japanese and Modern Standard Arabic since I did those the first time.

They do not pay me to say this. I’m like a stalker.

Today on a long walk I finished the last of Pimsleur’s 30 half-hour Ukrainian lessons. I love the consonants. My Ukrainian vowels are not quite as well-formed, but I have hope for the future.

Next are their Turkish lessons. I’m already on the fourth lesson of 30. I also took a nap in the early evening to Vietnamese lesson 1 and Urdu lesson 1.

It’s really very relaxing. I want a better sense of the sounds of the language-learning universe. There are too many languages left that are totally, completely unfamiliar to me — ones that are spoken by millions and millions of people, too! That bothers me.

Back at the office, I have recently realphabetized and reorganized my language-learning bookshelves from Albanian to Zulu. I have studied neither of those book-ending languages! But Pimsleur has 30 Albanian lessons, so I will get a bit learned on my walks if all goes as planned.

Other languages ahead for my Pimsleur Fitness Program: Croatian, Icelandic, Cantonese, Swahili, Tagalog, Thai, Romanian, Finnish. Thirty lessons available for each.

Scene/Seen During a Ukrainian Lesson Alongside Harlem Meer, Central Park

Scene/Seen During a Ukrainian Lesson Alongside Harlem Meer, Central Park


Armenian, both Eastern and Western.



The thought literally makes me salivate. I am not kidding. It’s like someone just put a chocolate fountain and a plate of fresh strawberries in front of me.

I am going to post on Facebook to see if I’m the only one. I’m sure I’m not. Some of those polyglots are crazy!

If something goes wrong during my Pimsleur Fitness Program, I hope someone will call 911. If something goes right, I will enjoy myself terribly and end up with a smaller butt.

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Shannon • Posted on Tue, December 06, 2016 - 4:57 pm EST

I am also a huge fan of Pimsleur. I just bought Chinese IV and V as a part of their BF sale. :D

IronMike • Posted on Wed, December 07, 2016 - 3:20 am EST

I love Pimsleur too, but don’t have as many as you. Russian, Croatian and German I think.

Bonnie • Posted on Mon, January 16, 2017 - 4:10 am EST

Pimsleur is amazing! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on all the languages you want to study. Especially languages that seem to be not talked about much in America, like Twi and Lithuanian! I’m really curious what those languages are like.

Artie Duncanson • Posted on Wed, July 05, 2017 - 10:16 pm EST

There’s a few Pimsleur fans here. What is it that you all love about Pimsleur?

Ellen Jovin • Posted on Mon, December 04, 2017 - 3:19 pm EST

Bonnie, I loved loved loved Lithuanian! I haven’t done the Twi yet. Lithuanian was like taking a trip back in language history. Too bad there are only ten lessons!

Ellen Jovin • Posted on Mon, December 04, 2017 - 3:23 pm EST

Artie, naturally language-learning tastes are particular to the individual, but I love Pimsleur because:
1. It makes me think and not just repeat.
2. The pace of introduction of new vocabulary suits me very well.
3. They have a spaced repetition strategy that really helps me remember stuff over time. You get reminded of words/phrases you learned in previous lessons and it sticks better than if you are taught it and then dumped out of the language-learning bus onto the sidewalk all helpless and alone.
4. Some of the dialogues make me laugh.
5. The vocabulary is extremely relevant to my needs.
6. It gives me more speaking practice than any other product I have tried.
7. It is scrupulously edited and has very, very, very few mistakes. I trust it.
8. I am presented with various grammatical permutations in speech that are very helpful when I hit the grammar books.
9. I can exercise while I do it.

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