July 21, 2009 | Russian

Pimsleur Overdose

In which I discover there is perhaps such a thing as too much Pimsleur.

My brain is not all there. Or here, either. I’m tired. I haven’t been sleeping enough, and today it caught up to me.

Too Much Pimsleur?

I will probably need to redo Pimsleur lesson 19 (Level I), yet again, tomorrow, and the question is: can I stand to have Mr. Pronin come to my hotel room again and talk about where we both live, again, and then have my husband come in, again? And then introduce them to each other, again? And then figure out our drink orders, again?

Either someone at Pimsleur is a wee bit wicked, or I have a dirty mind.

A small gripe about Russian, about which nothing can be done: since you always see adjectives and nouns in already declined forms, it hard to know how they started out and therefore according to what rule you should decline them.

I think today was just a hard day. Tomorrow will probably be better.

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