August 23, 2010 | Hindi

Pimsleur People, You Sly Dogs

In which I am amused by Pimsleur and study with a small companion.

My age in Hindi is pronounced chaWALis. I like that word! I will be coy and leave it at that (i.e., untranslated).

My Study Companion

My Study Companion

Today while I was studying in the living room, I kept hearing a noisy rustling behind me. I repeatedly turned around, but couldn’t see anything.

Finally I found the culprit: a tiny ladybug! Who knew they could be so loud?

I released him into the wild and returned to my studies.

I am learning the funniest sentences with Pimsleur. Things like, “My husband can drink some water.” Meereh paTEE kutch panee PEEsukteh hay. What an odd sentence. It sounds as though the poor guy is in prison or something.

Perhaps it is revenge for what I encountered in a subsequent Pimsleur lesson, which taught me how to say, “Your wife is with my husband.” Abkee patNEE mireh paTEE geSAT hay. Oops!

Chilly August Weather

Chilly August Weather

Those Pimsleur people are so sly.

As I make my way through these languages, the seasons cycle along. After being baked all summer in New York—through Greek and much of Hindi—I have actually found myself cold wearing a sweatshirt!

And each day that I run in Central Park, I see more and more leaves on the ground.

Fall is nigh.

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