December 30, 2016 | Review Period

Pimsleurcise Update

All is going as planned, except for the holiday chocolate and cookies. And pie.

I am totally loving my Pimsleurcise program. Today I walked about eight miles and did several Turkish Pimsleur lessons. It rained on me the entire time, but I have a rain slicker from MoMA’s gift shop that protected my iPhone, my headset, and me. It was a soggy gray day and I loved being out there all impervious with my MoMA shield, though I’m glad I didn’t run into anyone I know, because it was not stylish.

I’m close to done with the 30 lessons that Pimsleur offers for Turkish.

New Lakota Grammar, So Tempting

New Lakota Grammar, So Tempting

I have a new system. I find it very difficult to do 30 audio lessons times 30 minutes apiece (i.e., 900 minutes) without seeing at least some of the words in written form. So my trick, which I employed for Ukrainian Pimsleur and am now employing for Turkish as well, is to do at least a bit of work on so I can examine some of the basic vocabulary with my eyeballs.

This new plan is fantastic. I just stepped out of a Memrise Turkish vocabulary course to type this because I was so happy seeing words from my recent Pimsleur lessons — how they are spelled, what the diacritics are, etc. — and also seeing new words that will probably come up in tomorrow’s lessons.

I am not sure which language I will do next. I think Swahili. There are 30 lessons for that as well.

I am temporarily distracted by the publication of a new Lakota grammar book. I keep going to the website where it is sold and drooling over it. It seems really cool. But I am on a fitness + language-learning plan that involves walking and audio lessons and I cannot study Lakota grammar from a book while walking!

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