October 3, 2013 | Review Period

Publicity and Progress

I am enjoying my more structured program, plus this site is featured on Blogger Effect.

Today my blog and I are profiled on Blogger Effect, in the Heart of Blogging series there. Please check it out!

I am now on my second day of a more structured program. For me, structured does not mean very structured. I am not a schedule-y kind of person. However, yesterday’s language studies were devoted entirely to Italian, and today’s are, as far as I know at 10:00 this morning, going to be devoted entirely to French.

The Blogger Effect Website

The Blogger Effect Website

I'm Going to Try to Finish This Today

I’m Going to Try to Finish This Today

I am worried about my Italian and Portuguese. Those two are constantly attacking each other in my brain.

Also, the word “trout” in French (la truite) is breaking my mouth. 

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Alex • Posted on Thu, October 03, 2013 - 3:00 pm EST

I take it you’ve gotten to the lesson in French 4 where you have to order “the trout with almonds” a few times. Yes, that one sucks.

Even more of a tongue-twister for me was “fallen in love” later on in the units - the variation of vowel sounds in that one just KILLS ME. Good luck ;)

I’m hoping to fix that, so I am (for the THIRD time, admittedly) redoing all 120 Pimsleur lessons. I’ll be done with them by February (just started a few days ago), and I’ll follow it up with lots of movies that have French-language soundtrack options (my stepdad has a lot of them, I am incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity). Hopefully I’ll do better this time around and it’ll stick much better afterwards.

I don’t know how you do it, Ellen - this is the third time at least that I’ll have redone these lessons, I cannot possibly imagine doing 17 languages in less than 5 years!

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