July 26, 2009 | Russian

Russian Rapping

First thing in the morning: Dr. Pimsleur.

Today I tried a new thing: when I got up, instead of watching a few minutes of Russian television, I went straight to Pimsleur. Before I even drank my coffee. I mean, I did bring my cup with me and start the caffeination process while Pimsleur lesson 28 (Level I) was underway, but I was not fully woken up. I’m wondering whether if I begin before I’m 100 percent alert, I will learn on a more instinctive level. If so, that could be good.

Anyway, I am mid-lesson right now, but I stopped because Dr. Pimsleur’s lesson suddenly turned into scratching (i.e., like 1980s DJs used to do). There must have been damage on the CD they used to make the Recorded Books recording I got through the library, because it sounds something like this: “Do you remember, do you remember how how how to ask remember how to ask ask ask how to ask ask ask how long have you been here been here been here how long have you been here been here been here here here ask how long she has been here been here been here oo-yay-hit oo-yay-hit.” (Oo-yay-hit meaning “to leave.”)

Rapping in Russian!

Having finished Pimsleur lesson 28, I now know how to say the following:

  1. Where’s your wife?
  2. Are you leaving by yourself?
  3. Do you want to drive to Moscow together?

Someone has a sense of humor, I think.

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JR • Posted on Tue, March 19, 2013 - 2:50 pm EST

About the only thing I learned from Pimsleur was either A) How to be a VERY persistent (and somewhat creepy) guy asking a lady out for drinks or B) how to firmly turn such a man down. I recommend RussianPod101 instead. A) It’s free and B) It’s real Russian, not text-book Russian.

Ellen Jovin • Posted on Tue, March 19, 2013 - 10:15 pm EST

JR, I read your comment in an elevator today and burst out laughing. What you say is so very true: you definitely do learn how to be creepy, or manage creepiness, in Pimsleur. I get a kick out of such dialogues because they are so silly—and, I am assuming, intentionally so. Using Pimsleur I have in fact now studied how to (1) be creepy and (2) defer creeps in multiple languages.

Thank you in any case for the RussianPod101 tip. I’ll take a look!

Daniel T. Bailey • Posted on Fri, November 29, 2013 - 5:26 am EST

I love I adore Pimsleur as well, but there seems to be no getting around the creepiness factor, and russianpod has its own, different sense of humor as well.

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