February 27, 2010 | Korean

Snow Bombs and Pimsleur in the Park

Dr. P. and I enjoy a wintry stroll in Central Park.

I woke up too early, again. I tried Pimsleur lesson 17 (Level I), but was doing so horribly that I stopped after less than 10 minutes. I decided to save it for later, for a walk, to see if the exercise would stimulate my brain.

In the afternoon I made my way through Central Park to the New York Road Runners Club, on East 89th, to pick up my race number for tomorrow’s Al Gordon 4-miler in Prospect Park. Central Park was filled with snow and sledders. Wet slush plopped on my head from the trees overhead, a steady fall of soft snow bombs.

Another Snowy Day in Central Park

I Mean, Really Snowy

Good Sledding Conditions!

And  Wet Walking Conditions

It was cute, but really, I have had enough of this whole winter thing.

At first, walking did not seem to help all that much with my Pimsleur performance, but I kept at it, and eventually I did better. The moral being, I shouldn’t give up.

Tonight was the last night of Brandt’s one-man show, and it was amazing. The best of the nine performances in this run. He got a standing ovation.

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