September 19, 2010 | Hindi

Software Can Be Frustrating

Sometimes voice-recognition software is persnickety.

I think city noise is not good for Rosetta Stone’s voice-recognition software.

My Goodie Bag from the Other Day

My Goodie Bag from the Other Day

It was a beautiful night tonight, so I had all the windows open, and you could hear the street sounds and the breeze.

I guess Rosetta Stone could hear them, too. I had a lot of trouble getting the program to understand what I was saying.

When I would say “ticket” in Hindi, which happens to sound much like “ticket” in English, Rosetta Stone repeatedly refused to accept that I was pronouncing it reasonably correctly.

I tried it a million different ways (fine, perhaps it was slightly shy of that number), but no luck.

And when a “fuck,” uttered in impatience, emerged into the night air, Rosetta Stone calmly dinged that response, too.

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