April 4, 2010 | Spanish

Spanish Harlem

I take a field trip to East 116th Street.

I have a cold, again. That often happens to me when I run a lot. Yesterday, before I realized it was coming on, I made a quick trip to Spanish Harlem, where I took pictures along East 116th Street as I did Pimsleur lessons. I need to go back, because I missed a lot, but here are a few photos of the area in the meantime.

Mosaic at 116th St. Subway Stop, 2/3 Line

E. 116th Street and Luis Munoz Martin Blvd.

Meat Market, Spanish Harlem

Banco Popular, East 116th Street

Casa Latina

Farmacia Latina, Raysol Drugs

In the evening, Brandt and I went to a one-year anniversary party for a couple we met last New Year’s Eve. It was an extremely international, multilingual gathering. In a not very large group were people from Estonia, Ecuador, Hungary, Scotland, Italy, Albania, Japan, and probably more I’m forgetting. I love New York.

I spoke Spanish with the Ecuadorian and found his Spanish quite easy to understand—very clear. That is not always the case when I have conversations in Spanish here.

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Mohammed alhomsi • Posted on Tue, April 06, 2010 - 4:43 pm EST

I enjoyed reading about what you do, and what you love to do. I live in new jersey, and come from an arabic background. I would love to help, and support you in anyway possible. Also, would love to have your support around the area. Thank you again for being you, and may you have a smoother road.

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