July 12, 2009 | Russian


In which I meet a Russian, and am at a loss for words.

My Husband. Hot.

By coincidence, my husband, Brandt Johnson, is currently acting in a play with a Russian theme.

It is a show about Stalin called A Night in the Kremlin. I went to see it tonight and talked briefly to the playwright’s wife, who happens to be Russian.

Suddenly confronted with a real live Russian speaker, after 12 days of intensive study, all I could remember how to say in Russian was “Where is Red Square?” and the word “apple.”

While I feel it is honorable to learn all the various cases of nouns and adjectives (there are six cases for adjectives, too, by the way), this encounter highlighted some deficiencies in my current approach that I will clearly need to remedy.

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kristina • Posted on Mon, March 29, 2010 - 3:48 pm EST

I never did learn Italian much past the present tense, but managed when we were in Italy.  Also, if you are tired or emotional, I think you will find that your native language tries to take over. The brain must then use the shortest path to a word and maybe doesn’t distinguish English from Russian any more.  kj

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