February 26, 2011 | Japanese

Their Club Doesn’t Want Me

I face access and learning challenges.

I investigated visiting a private Japanese club the other day. I thought it would be very interesting. Unfortunately, I would say the exchange resulted in a miscommunication, since the outcome was that I was told by e-mail, “Please don’t visit us.”

I found this rather depressing.

I am trying to finish all the Pimsleur Japanese lessons by two days from now, but I am not going to make it, I’m afraid. I did lessons 20 through 24 (Level III) today. I rushed so much I started making significant mistakes. I will have to go back.

Running in Central Park today, I saw a red-tailed hawk, a woodpecker, and—near 102nd Street on the West Side—a pack of people standing around waiting for an owl to emerge from a hollow tree. I never actually see owls. I only see other people seeing owls.

I know it is early to say this, but I feel spring coming.

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