200 Italian Verbs

3 Italian, Books

March 10, 2013

Publisher  Barnes & Noble Books
Publication Date  1993
Price  $5.95
Skill Level  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

This wee out-of-print book of verb tables was compiled by LEXUS with Andrew Wilkin. If you want a really tiny book with a bunch of verb conjugations to throw in your bag, this might do the job, assuming you can still find it later. It didn’t grab me particularly.

I bought it only for the verb tables, but there’s also a 43-page overview of verb grammar that I wouldn’t consider reading because of the tininess of the type. Someone else who does not require vision correction might enjoy it.

I do wish more Italian grammar books would indicate stressed syllables in verbs. Book designers often seem not to realize how easy it is for an Italian learner to get confused. Just boldface the stressed syllable, maybe? This applies to many Italian books, though—not just this one.

A Tiny Verb Book, with Pen for Scale
A Tiny Verb Book, with Pen for Scale

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