Dirty Portuguese

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March 10, 2013

Authors  Alice Rose, Nati Vale, Pedro A. Cabral
Publisher  Ulysses Press
Publication Date  2010
Price  $10.00
Skill Level  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Okay, I will be honest: I didn’t do much with this irreverent little book except giggle over it. Dirty Portuguese is what I consider to be more of a gag gift, like for a college student you know who is studying Portuguese, rather than a tool for a serious language learner.

Nonetheless, it is cute, and I think it fills a need. I for one never learned dirty words in any of my college language classes, and to function in modern civilization it is useful to know this stuff.

One cautionary note: while it is embarrassing to say something unidiomatic in general conversation, it is far more embarrassing if you say something unidiomatic when you are talking about someone’s penis. (And probably even more embarrassing if the subject is your own penis!) Be careful about applying what you read to real-life situations.

By the way, not everything in Dirty Portuguese is all that dirty. Some of it is more colloquial than salacious.

This dirty book focuses exclusively on Brazilian Portuguese, not European. The series also includes books for dirty Czech, dirty Yiddish, and numerous other languages.

Dirty Portuguese: For Explicit-Language-Friendly People
Dirty Portuguese: For Explicit-Language-Friendly People

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