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March 10, 2013

Authors  Kimberly Sparks, Van Horn Vail
Publisher  Wiley
Publication Date  2003
Price  $160.95
Skill Level  Intermediate, Advanced

I haven’t used the current edition of German in Review, but I did use the 1967 edition, pictured here, in my college German class years ago (which was many years later than 1967, I would just like to add), and I loved it. Of course, a lifetime has passed since then, and that doesn’t tell me anything about the 2003 publication. Things change!

However, I thought I’d include it, since I can’t help noticing that online reviews for the new edition of German in Review (though you can never tell where those things come from) are like a love festival.

The 1967 edition was amazingly thorough. 

When it said “grammar” on the cover, it meant grammar! This was not dumbed-down. It was just plain good.

My edition of German in Review didn’t have answers in it, and for that reason—and because it is too old to include the German spelling reforms of 1996—I would not recommend buying this 1967 version. If you buy anything, buy the new one, which is accompanied by a website with answers to the exercises. You can currently buy it for way less than the rather extraordinary list price shown here, though it will still be expensive compared to many other books.

This Is Hard-Core German Grammar
This Is Hard-Core German Grammar
A Whole Section Devoted Just to 'Auf'
A Whole Section Devoted Just to 'Auf'

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