Ha-yesod: Fundamentals of Hebrew

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March 10, 2013

Authors  Luba Uveeler, Norman M. Bronznick
Publisher  Feldheim Publishers
Publication Date  1991
Price  $29.99

I didn’t know about Ha-yesod: Fundamentals of Hebrew during my Hebrew unit, but a few months after it concluded, one of my readers—who knew I hadn’t found the perfect Hebrew grammar book—mentioned it to me. So I will mention it to you.

The reader, A. J., wrote that, while “not perfect,” Ha-yesod “does have a comprehensive grammar review in each chapter. The chapters are relatively short and more or less present one discrete topic per chapter. I have found this book to be quite helpful in my Hebrew studies.” 

Thank you, A. J.!

You Can Buy Ha-yesod on
You Can Buy Ha-yesod on

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