Mandarin Made Easy: Lesson 1, Tones

4 Mandarin, Radio/TV/Video/Film

March 10, 2013

Price  Free
Skill Level  Beginner

Mandarin has four tones. This is an unfamiliar concept to most native English speakers and is the type of thing one might ordinarily hope to learn in a class, with the assistance of a nice language teacher who would be able to address the inevitable perplexity that arises.

I don’t like to take classes. As an alternative, therefore, I viewed several YouTube videos on the subject of tones, to see whether I could benefit from YouTubers’ accumulated wisdom.

I was not generally enthralled.

This one was an exception. A cute young woman shows you, with the assistance of a notepad and a cat and a high energy level, how to handle what for many people is a challenging linguistic phenomenon.

An Engaging Tone Teacher
An Engaging Tone Teacher

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