Palombo Bakery Creamery Caffe

4-5 Italian, Food and Drink

March 10, 2013

During my Italian studies, on an expedition to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, I stopped by this establishment for a coffee break, because I thought I might get to speak or at least hear Italian.

The place was bustling, extremely popular, a popularity that was reflected in the prices: my double espresso was $3.50, a dollar more than I spend on the same beverage at my local coffee shop in Manhattan.

While I drank my coffee, I studied Italian. Verbs. The scene was just right, and very wonderful. Language, grammar, coffee, New York. Perfect.

A group of older men next to me were speaking animatedly in a language I couldn’t identify. I asked them what it was.

Albanian, they said. Interesting! (According to a 2012 New York Daily News article, there are in New York State about 250,000 Albanians, most of them living in the Bronx.)

For Atmosphere, Language, and Coffee
For Atmosphere, Language, and Coffee

Palombo Bakery Creamery Caffe
2400 Arthur Avenue
(at 187th Street)
Bronx, NY 10458



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