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Portuguese Meetups Globally

Portuguese, Classes/Conversation, Social

New York City is crawling with Portuguese Meetup groups. To see if there is one in your own area, type in your zip code here! Language Meetup groups vary substantially in emphasis. Some are very focused on the language…

Japan Society

5 Japanese, Museums/Cultural, Classes/Conversation, Kids

For New Yorkers interested in Japanese language and culture, the Japan Society is a remarkable resource. Events here embrace many spheres of human activity: politics, finance, food (I even noticed a talk on the power of miso!), music, and more. …

China Institute: Isn't This Pretty?

4 Mandarin, Museums/Cultural, Organizations, Classes/Conversation, Kids

China Institute was founded in 1926 by a group of American and Chinese educators, John Dewey among them. It resides in an Upper East Side brownstone from which it offers an array of lectures, symposia, films, exhibits, educational programs, corporate programs,…

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4 Italian, Fairs/Festivals/Parades

This annual 11-day event, held in September and centered on Mulberry Street, draws monster crowds to Little Italy.  According to the event website, it is “New York City’s biggest, most famous and longest running religious festival.” When…

Columbus Park, with Columbus Statue

3-5 Mandarin, Parks, Sports/Fitness, Kids

You might think Columbus Park is an odd name for a Chinatown park, but as one of New York’s oldest neighborhoods, this area has had many incarnations, and the park itself has had various names, among them Mulberry Bend…

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Japanese, Museums/Cultural, Classes/Conversation, Kids

Tenri’s mission is to “promote the study of Japanese language and the appreciation of international art forms.” Located in Greenwich Village, it offers classes, exhibits, and performing-arts events.

A Cultural Extravaganza

5 Portuguese, Fairs/Festivals/Parades, Sports/Fitness, Kids

This annual event takes place on a (usually hot) June day in Central Park. Activities include running races—for both kids and adults—as well as a festival, food, music, and more. The adults’ race is five miles and huge:…

Search for Hindi Meetup Groups in Your Area!

Hindi, Classes/Conversation, Social

On the far right of the Hindi Language Meetup page, you can type in your zip code to see whether there are any groups in your area dedicated to Hindi-related meetings and events.  In March 2013, for example, a search…

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4 Mandarin, Sports/Fitness

The USA Shaolin Temple, according to its website, “teaches Chan Philosophy through the core Shaolin disciplines of martial arts or action meditation: Gongfu (Kung Fu), Taiji Quan (Tai Chi) and Qigong (Chi Kung). Students of all backgrounds, religions, ages, and…