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Chinese Meetups Around New York City

Mandarin, Classes/Conversation, Social

To find a Chinese Meetup group in your area, type in your zip code on the far right of this page. If the results are overwhelming (Chinese includes a lot of dialects, after all!), then try starting at the page…

Craigslist for Language Exchange

3 General, Websites, Classes/Conversation

I used Craigslist for language purposes just once, to find an Italian conversation partner in late 2009. He was a very nice guy, and the exchange, while short-lived, was pleasant and productive. While writing this review about three years later, in…

Scenes from the 2012 NY Portuguese Short Film Festival Are Available Online

Portuguese, Radio/TV/Video/Film, Fairs/Festivals/Parades

At the first annual NY Portuguese Short Film Festival—which took place in June 2011, in both New York and Lisbon—20 short films were screened. The sponsor of this now-annual event is the Arte Institute, which supports cross-cultural dialogue among artists.

They Have Cool Events Here

4 Italian, Museums/Cultural, Classes/Conversation

Visit the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di New York for a wide range of events: film screenings, musical performances, lectures, etc. There is also a library, which as of this writing was under inventory and not available to…

A Lovely Home for French

5 French, Museums/Cultural, Conferences/Lectures

Founded in 1913, the Maison Française has had several homes, but now resides in Buell Hall on Columbia University’s Morningside Heights campus. It is a center for all things French: lectures, conferences, movies, seminars, salons, exhibits, a book…

Visit Their Website for Information on Upcoming Events

4-5 Spanish, Museums/Cultural, Classes/Conversation, Kids

Founded in 1954, this organization “promotes the understanding of Spanish culture, past and present, and its influence in the Americas through a variety of programs.” These include exhibitions, lectures (including medical ones!), book presentations, symposia, classes, and more. It is housed…

I Think There Really Is Something to Some of This Stuff

4 Mandarin, Books, Sports/Fitness

Since I am interested in health and fitness, reading about Traditional Chinese Medicine was one of the things I did to try to get a better sense of Chinese culture. This book did not in any way enhance my language…

Can-Can Dancers, Bastille Day 2011 © Arianys Wilson

French, Fairs/Festivals/Parades, Kids

This event takes place annually on 60th Street from Fifth Avenue to Lexington. I haven’t been to it that I can remember, but it is sponsored by the French Institute Alliance Française and is billed as a family-friendly…

New York Has a Lot Going On!

General, Websites, Fairs/Festivals/Parades

This website includes listings of events around town, to enable you (according to its tagline) “see the city like a native ‘New Yawkah.’” I am including it here primarily because of its extensive list of fairs, festivals, and parades, which…