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Brazilian Day New York 2012

4 Portuguese, Fairs/Festivals/Parades

This massive annual celebration takes place across an area of many blocks around Little Brazil in midtown Manhattan. It is held in late summer, and to get a sense of its frenetic, joyous energy, please see the video in my…

For All the Parade Details

German, Fairs/Festivals/Parades, Kids

This annual September parade down Fifth Avenue is more than 50 years old. According to its website, it has “grown into the largest event of its kind in the United States.” The purpose is “to celebrate German-American culture and traditions, and…

Actually Seeing the Parade Was A Challenge

Mandarin, Fairs/Festivals/Parades, Kids

With wind chill, I think the day of the 2013 Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade & Festival in Manhattan’s Chinatown was about 16 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s cold. And no one seemed to care. It is hard to get clear and…

Scenes from the 2012 NY Portuguese Short Film Festival Are Available Online

Portuguese, Radio/TV/Video/Film, Fairs/Festivals/Parades

At the first annual NY Portuguese Short Film Festival—which took place in June 2011, in both New York and Lisbon—20 short films were screened. The sponsor of this now-annual event is the Arte Institute, which supports cross-cultural dialogue among artists.

Can-Can Dancers, Bastille Day 2011 © Arianys Wilson

French, Fairs/Festivals/Parades, Kids

This event takes place annually on 60th Street from Fifth Avenue to Lexington. I haven’t been to it that I can remember, but it is sponsored by the French Institute Alliance Française and is billed as a family-friendly…

New York Has a Lot Going On!

General, Websites, Fairs/Festivals/Parades

This website includes listings of events around town, to enable you (according to its tagline) “see the city like a native ‘New Yawkah.’” I am including it here primarily because of its extensive list of fairs, festivals, and parades, which…

Visit Their Website for Information on the Next Feast

4 Italian, Fairs/Festivals/Parades

This annual 11-day event, held in September and centered on Mulberry Street, draws monster crowds to Little Italy.  According to the event website, it is “New York City’s biggest, most famous and longest running religious festival.” When…

A Cultural Extravaganza

5 Portuguese, Fairs/Festivals/Parades, Sports/Fitness, Kids

This annual event takes place on a (usually hot) June day in Central Park. Activities include running races—for both kids and adults—as well as a festival, food, music, and more. The adults’ race is five miles and huge:…

A 2011 Celebration © NLBorrels

Dutch, Fairs/Festivals/Parades

Koninginnedag, meaning Queen’s Day, is a national holiday in the Netherlands that is also celebrated with great energy in New York and other places around the globe. It falls on April 30th, unless that happens to be a Sunday,…