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You Can Speak the Word You Want Translated...

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I have a tendency not to get around to downloading iPhone apps onto my iPhone, but fortunately I have a husband who will take my phone and do it for me. I’m very glad he stuck this app on…

Pocket German Dictionary with Pencil for Scale

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This is a really, really tiny dictionary, and the font is really, really tiny, too. If you have bad vision, I can’t recommend it.  But if you have bionic eyes, go for it! Random House Websterâ€â€¦ Can Tell You the Origins of Words Like Schadenfreude and Aardvark

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I love this free resource. When I need absolute certainty about what I am looking up, I will go to my beautiful and totally current hardcover American Heritage dictionary, but for a quick check of a word’s…

Berlitz Polish Pocket Dictionary, with Pencil for Scale

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For my Polish studies, I ended up using the Oxford Essential Polish Dictionary instead of this one from Berlitz, just because that one happens to be bigger (though still small) and holds more words. The Berlitz Polish…

Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal: Good Luck NOT Finding a Dutch Word in Here

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Published by the Institute for Dutch Lexicology, the Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal (Dictionary of the Dutch Language) is supposedly the largest dictionary in the world, many decades in the making. It covers more than 500 years’ worth of…

This Is the Work of a Linguaphile

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The Online Etymology Dictionary is the work of a Pennsylvania-based historian and linguaphile, Douglas Harper, who writes on the home page, “This is a map of the wheel-ruts of modern English. Etymologies are not definitions; they’re explanations of what…

I Love These Oxford Dictionaries

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The Oxford New Portuguese Dictionary is a member of a dictionary series from Oxford that I really like and have used for other languages. The series as a whole is well-designed and lightweight (meaning easily portable through New…

Pocket Spanish Dictionary from American Heritage, with Key for Scale

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I am partial to American Heritage products generally. The content in this American Heritage Pocket Spanish Dictionary may be very good, but I have two main beefs about it that for me are dealbreakers. First, the…

Pocket-Size Spanish from Larousse: I Find This Usable

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The Larousse Pocket Spanish-English/English-Spanish Dictionary is a robust pocket dictionary, not one of those super-mini ones. I didn’t use it much, but it worked well for me when I did.