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Food and Drink

For Atmosphere, Language, and Coffee

4-5 Italian, Food and Drink

During my Italian studies, on an expedition to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, I stopped by this establishment for a coffee break, because I thought I might get to speak or at least hear Italian. The place was bustling, extremely…

Ferrara, Little Italy

5 Italian, Food and Drink

When I visited this Little Italy café back in 2009, I had the most heavenly latte I can remember having in my entire life. It was also at that time the most costly latte of my life. As I drank it,…

Food Fantasies at Mike's Deli

5 Italian, Food and Drink

This is a must-visit kind of place in the Arthur Avenue section of the Bronx. Owner David Greco is a big guy with a big personality. He seems to know everyone, and the customers who come around greet him with…