March 28, 2010 | Korean

Four Miles, Three Pimsleur Lessons, No Nap

I run a race and then study. A lot.

Today was another marathon Pimsleur day. I finished three more Level II lessons, 21 through 23. I am pretty wiped out. Seven Pimsleur lessons in two days is a lot of Pimsleur. Especially Korean Pimsleur!

I am getting through these lessons by concentrating with all my might. I have to lie completely still on the sofa, with my eyes closed. The second I open them to, say, look at my BlackBerry in a moment of weakness, it is all over for whatever sentence I’m supposed to be translating.

More ch words danced in and out of the lessons today:

  • cha - car (just like tea)
  • cheehachol - subway
  • chingu - friend

I have been using the pause button prolifically.

I did all this studying in the afternoon and evening, after running a four-mile race in Central Park this morning. It was the Colon Cancer Challenge, and I ran a 28:01, which was good for second in my age group and (to my amazement) fourteenth out of the 1,343 female runners who participated. Brandt took great photos once again!

Colon Cancer Challenge: The Start

The Lead Runners Take Off

I'm in There Somewhere

Runners As Far As the Eye Can See (and Farther)

So, which was harder, the racing or the Pimsleur?

Here’s the thing: I ran that race with a digestive system still ravaged from the half-marathon I did last weekend. A fact that, apart from the discomfort I felt, I found kind of amusing, since the run was in support of colonic health.

Pimsleur I did while reclining on a comfortable sofa, with beverages and appetizing food within arm’s reach.

Without a doubt, the Pimsleur lessons were harder. It wasn’t even close.

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Julie • Posted on Mon, March 29, 2010 - 8:32 am EST

What a great blog! I’m so glad you commented on mine so I could discover it. I tried Pimsleur German lessons a couple of years ago. I have no facility for learning languages, yet I could pick it up, although I had to listen to the lesson(s) an average of six times each to do so. But I eventually gave up, as I do with most ambitious endeavors.

Ellen Jovin • Posted on Mon, March 29, 2010 - 11:58 am EST

Thank you, Julie! Or maybe I should say: Vielen Dank. Yep, redoing Pimsleur lessons - I know all about that. See you at the races!

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