February 22, 2010 | Korean

Pimsleur Lesson 15: Conquered!

It took me many tries, but I have finally reached Lesson 16.

I think I have commented on this before, but since beginning this language project, I seem to need less and less sleep. I don’t know why, but whatever the reason, it is great. Less sleep means more hours to get things done.

And I need those hours, as today I was still struggling with that damned Pimsleur lesson 15. I have done it countless times.

Well, they weren’t actually countless, but it did feel that way; I would guess this was about my sixth time doing that one lesson. There is a section in the last third of it where you have to add numbers, as in arithmetic problems, and Pimsleur does not, in my opinion, set it up properly. Until this last try, I haven’t been able to properly make out the sounds, or words, or even word boundaries, in that section. It was very confusing, and uncharacteristically opaque of Pimsleur, which dazzles me with its consistentency and reliability.

Bikram Yoga, Conveniently Located in Same Building As Off-Track Betting Parlor

But I finally did it and felt good enough about it to move on. Oh my god. After days of redos, I am finally leaving 15 behind!! I don’t know what’s going to happen in lesson 16. Frightening.

I know I commented earlier in this entry about how little sleep I need now, but I feel I should qualify that comment by noting that I took two naps today.

After all that rest, I felt up to going to a 9:45 p.m. bikram yoga class on 72nd Street. Yes, that’s right—p.m. How many other places could you find a 9:45 p.m. bikram class?

What an unbelievable city this is.

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