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Visit Their Website for the Latest Dutch Activities in Cities Around the World!

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NLBorrels is “an independent, global network of Dutch expatriate professionals and entrepreneurs, dedicated to facilitating social interaction, career advancement and exchange of information of interest to the Dutch community living abroad.” It was founded in 2001 by Sander Raaymakers, a…

Italian Meetups Around New York

Italian, Classes/Conversation, Social

Enter your zip code here to find Italian Meetup groups in your area. I have not tried an Italian Meetup group, or really any Meetup group, but I have done things like Meetups, and the premise strikes…

In Early 2013, There Were 571 French Meetups in 24 Countries!

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Enter your zip code on the far right of this page to see whether there are French Meetups in your area. If you want to practice language skills above all else, check that any Meetup events you select are…

Meeting Up for Deutsch in New York

German, Classes/Conversation, Social

There are Meetup groups on five continents dedicated to German language and culture. (If you are on Antarctica, you are out of luck!) People get together and speak German, or speak about German, or do whatever that particular group…

There Are So Many Spanish Meetup Groups in the U.S. You Can Hardly See the Map!

Spanish, Classes/Conversation, Social

Yeah, you could go to a Meetup group for Spanish. Alternatively, in various parts of the country, you could simply walk outside your building or down the block. Spanish is so common in New York that I guess I personally…

New York Dutch/Flemish Language & Cultural Exchange Meetup

Dutch, Classes/Conversation, Social

There aren’t as many Dutch Meetup groups as there are, say, Spanish groups—but they do exist! Type in your zip code on the far right of this page to see whether there’s one in your area. Language-related…

Where the German Classes Take Place

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Yorkville historian Kathy Jolowicz founded this club in 1990, which, according to the website, is “keeping Yorkville/Kleindeutschland’s Heritage Alive.” Yorkville refers to a swathe of the Upper East Side once heavily populated with Germans, and Kleindeutschland

This New York City Greek Culture & Language Meetup Had 506 Philhellenes in Early 2013!

Greek, Classes/Conversation, Social

They have Meetup groups for everything under the sun these days. I am not exactly a Meetup person, so I can’t comment on a Greek Meetup experience. However, if you go here, you can enter your zip code on…

Japanese Meetups Around NYC, Early 2013

Japanese, Classes/Conversation, Social

In early 2013, a quick search for Japanese Language Meetup groups in New York City yielded 38 results. In other words, there is no shortage of Japanese Meetup opportunities here, from language-focused events to play groups to cultural gatherings. Type in your…