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Koryo Books, Located in Koreatown

4-5 Korean, Bookstores/Libraries

Koryo Books is located in the Manhattan mini-neighborhood of Koreatown. I went there in 2010 and found a book to help me learn the Korean alphabet. It was a good thing, too; I had reached dead ends in both of the…

For the Kids: Polish Memory Cards

5 English, General, Polish, Bookstores/Libraries, Kids

This lovely independent bookstore in Greenpoint has all kinds of books in English, but what caught my eye when I stopped by in 2011 is that it also had Polish books for children. Not huge numbers of them, but between those…

Strand Bookstore, Hopping on a Saturday Night

5 English, French, General, Bookstores/Libraries

This independent bookstore is a fantastic place to visit for a variety of book needs. The foreign-language section is not huge, but it is there. When I inquired about the source of their non-English books, an employee told me they…

You Can Learn Languages Here

5 French, Italian, Spanish, Bookstores/Libraries, Kids

This Chelsea bookstore, which opened in 2008, radiates bibliophilia. You can buy books in French, Spanish, or Italian here, and also take classes at the store in any of those three languages. The owner, David Del Vecchio, previously worked at the…

Inside the Bookstore

4 Mandarin, Bookstores/Libraries, Kids

I visited this bookstore in Flushing’s Chinatown soon after I began my Mandarin studies, and boy, did I feel helpless! I could not read a word. A friendly Chung Hwa employee helped me out, giving me advice on which…

Mid-Manhattan Library, at 40th and Fifth

4-5 Arabic, Dutch, English, French, General, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Yiddish, Bookstores/Libraries, Kids

The Mid-Manhattan Library, at 40th Street and Fifth Avenue, is the main language-learning repository of the New York Public Library. I used it a lot in 2009 and 2010, mostly for Pimsleur audio lessons, but also borrowed books and other resources as…