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Food and Drink

Storefront: It Goes On and On

4 Portuguese, Food and Drink, Shopping

Rio Market sells many Brazilian products: food, beverages, cosmetics, etc. It includes a travel agency and a restaurant as well; together, they take up a large swathe of the Astoria block on which they reside. A Brazilian customer leaving…

New York Mart: Tons of Space, Tons of Food

5 Mandarin, Food and Drink

This sprawling Brooklyn store in Sunset Park’s Chinatown has a remarkable array of produce. When I visited New York Mart in late 2012, I did not look at the meat or fish, though those sections were crowded with customers,…

The Entrance to the Mall Containing Fang Gourmet

3-5 Mandarin, Food and Drink, Shopping

At this Flushing shop you can buy fancy teas for all kinds of ailments, sit and drink tea at low tables with your friends, buy fancy tea sets, or (something I did) ask a lot of questions. The…

For Bread, Pretzels, Microbrews, Coffee

German, Food and Drink

According to its website, Landbrot is a “bakery bar,” one that celebrates “Germany’s rich culinary traditions and hearty spirit.” This bakery bar offer traditional fresh-baked breads, pastries, pretzels, sausages, German micro-brews, and more. I can’t rate it because…

Shoppers at Patel Brothers

5 Hindi, Food and Drink

I love going to stores with food in other languages. This Jackson Heights establishment is full of unfamiliar foodstuffs and packaging, including giant piles of rice, way beyond what I would ever see in my own regular grocery haunts. Even…

Balady Halal Foods, Bay Ridge

Arabic, Food and Drink

“The finest Middle Eastern Halal market,” according to its Facebook page. I haven’t bought anything there, but I’ve been inside, and I liked the looks of it! It is located in the heavily Arabic-speaking neighborhood of Bay Ridge…

Go Hyang Jip, Abutting Mexican Deli

3 Korean, Food and Drink

I have eaten Korean food a number of times, but I have no meaningful expertise in it, so I can’t judge the resources of this Bedford Park store. I can, however, say, I enjoyed a nice little visit with…

Lederhosen's Bar

4 German, Food and Drink

This Greenwich Village establishment is described on its website as a “German Wurst and Bierhaus.”  When I was there (this was in 2010), multiple people working there spoke German, so I think your chances of combining food-ordering and food-eating activities…

The Storefront

4 Japanese, Food and Drink

This store claims to be the oldest Japanese grocery in the United States! The space itself, on 59th Street between Second and Third avenues, is not all that big, but an employee told me people call in orders from around…