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Korean in a Flash: This Is Cute, But Not Very Functional

2 Korean, Flashcards, Vocabulary

Korean in a Flash is a cute little flashcard kit that I purchased at a bookstore but never used back in 2010 when I was studying Korean. Now that I am writing this review three years later, I finally figured…

I Didn't Get Through 100 Words with This

2 Hindi, Books, Flashcards, Vocabulary

Your First 100 Words in Hindi (the titles in this particular language series always make me feel about five years old, which is kind of fun), I was happy to read that there are no capital letters, but…

Portuguese Vocabulary Cards from Visual Education, with MetroCard for Scale

4 Portuguese, Flashcards, Vocabulary

This set of 1,000 vocabulary cards emphasizes Brazilian Portuguese, but their publisher, Visual Education, says they are still good for those studying the Portuguese of Portugal. Visual Education makes their flashcards weirdly small: just 3 1/2” x 1 1/2”. That is much smaller than…

Test Your Grammar Skills

3-5 Italian, Flashcards

Guess what! Since I began writing this review, I have learned that these are now out of print. They are, or were, a box of 600 flashcards focusing on grammar rather than the usual vocabulary. I believe I bought them by…

These Are Great

5 Italian, Flashcards, Vocabulary

I love flashcards, and I love the design of these. For $9.95 you used to be able to get a thousand of these cards with Italian on one side and English on the other. And a cute box to house them,…

Useful, But Not My Favorite Ever

3-5 German, Flashcards, Vocabulary

Now that my favorite SparkNotes flashcards are no longer being made, I am in search of a new flashcard love. In my quest, I recently tried out these German vocabulary cards from BarCharts. They are for sure useful, and they…

A Pleasant and Valuable Study Aid

5 Spanish, Flashcards, Vocabulary

I love this SparkNotes product. It is a well-constructed box of 1,000 well-constructed Spanish vocabulary cards, and is the successor to another box of 1,000 cards, Spanish Vocabulary Study Cards, from the same company. Unfortunately, since using them, I have learned…

I Love(d) These

5 Spanish, Flashcards, Vocabulary

I am a huge fan of flashcards, and this box of 1,000 cards is great. You can take a handful in your purse on the subway or to your doctor’s office or wherever, or study while you are waiting in…

These Are, or Rather Were, a Great and Reasonably Portable Study Tool

5 French, Flashcards, Vocabulary

These are great. Blue on one side, white on the other, clear print, sturdy, and a good choice of words. Plus inexpensive. Or at least they used to be. Unfortunately, between the time I began this review and the time…