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Part of a Three-Book Set: The All-Critical Answers

4 French, Books

This is the answer key to the workbook Grammaire. 350 Exercices Niveau supérieur I, which is an exercise book accompanying the textbook Nouvelle Grammaire du Français. Both of those books are included…

Once You Speak French, You Will Be Able to Use a Lot More of Assimil's Products for Other Languages

French, Books, Multimedia

Some people whose opinion I respect really like Assimil, a French company offering multimedia programs with different language bases. For example, there are English-based programs designed for English speakers learning other languages, and French-based programs designed for French speakers learning…

New York, en Français

5 French, General, Books

This may have been the first non-fiction book I ever read in French. I loved it. Of course I am partial to histories of New York, though the ones I own are otherwise in English. It is amusing to read…

This New Edition Has a Chapter on Technology Terms

2-5 French, Books, Vocabulary

I like many of the Practice Makes Perfect books (offered for multiple languages), including their vocabulary books, but I’m afraid this was an exception. The exercise design in Practice Makes Perfect: French Vocabulary just…

For Verb Practice

3 French, Books

Practice Makes Perfect: French Verb Tenses by Trudie Maria Booth is appropriate for advanced beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. I am in general partial to books on verbs, because verbs are so central to language and communication.…