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Refine Your Spanish Subjunctive Skills

3-5 Spanish, Books

Within the sprawling Practice Makes Perfect empire at McGraw-Hill are a number of small, highly portable, and thematically focused books on various grammar topics. Practice Makes Perfect: The Spanish Subjunctive Up Close by…

Lightweight and Highly Portable Practice in the Spanish Past Tense

3 Spanish, Books

A slim little volume, Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Past-Tense Verbs Up Close is part of the gargantuan Practice Makes Perfect series from McGraw-Hill. Book weight matters when you are walking around a lot! This…

Pocket Spanish Dictionary from American Heritage, with Key for Scale

3 Spanish, Books, Dictionaries

I am partial to American Heritage products generally. The content in this American Heritage Pocket Spanish Dictionary may be very good, but I have two main beefs about it that for me are dealbreakers. First, the…

This Didn't Help Me Master Spanish As Well As Other Books (That Didn't Even Have 'Mastering' in the Title)

3 Spanish, Books

Barron’s Mastering Spanish Grammar by Margarita Görrissen is okay, but its value lies primarily in its utility as a reference book, not as a workbook. The exercise design just isn’t all that great. …

Pocket-Size Spanish from Larousse: I Find This Usable

4 Spanish, Books, Dictionaries

The Larousse Pocket Spanish-English/English-Spanish Dictionary is a robust pocket dictionary, not one of those super-mini ones. I didn’t use it much, but it worked well for me when I did.

A Spanish Pronoun Exploration That Could Have Been More Effective

2-5 Spanish, Books

The idea of a book on Spanish pronouns is appealing, because English speakers have much to learn regarding how this part of speech operates in Spanish. Unfortunately, Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Pronouns Up Close by Eric Vogt…